new year’s day

On January 1st of this year, we drove to DC and walked around Pennsylvania Avenue (in the freezing cold, may I add). It’s kind of become a New Year’s Day tradition for us to drive out to DC to visit museums and Alex loves it! This time, we went to see the Renwick Gallery. We did wait out in line for about 10 minutes, it wasn’t so bad. The gallery was a beauty. We took our time to appreciate each of the displays and took pictures, of course! Alex was so fascinated; he had a lot of questions and had A LOT of things to say. He definitely loves going to museums! I’m just amazed how he’s grown to admire art and how it’s inspired his creativity (even at a very young age of five). He makes me so proud! So when the gallery closed, we went to get dinner and then headed to the National Zoo to see the Zoolights. Looking for parking wasn’t fun (it only took us a good 45 minutes) but that’s DC for you, especially during the holidays. But I have to say it was worth it. Once again, Alex loved the experience. The bright lights got him pretty excited even though he was probably brrr-ing inside (since he wouldn’t stop sipping on hot chocolate). All in all, it was a fun New Year’s Day. The goal is always for family time and most importantly, for my Alex to have fun.

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Photos by my Joffoto

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