vintage bliss

Last weekend, we found ourselves driving out to the small town of Buckeystown, MD in search for a coffee table. It was such a beautiful drive and such a nice old town. As we were driving into town, we saw quite a few local restaurants, which of course got me and Jof all excited! Although that wasn’t the reason for our little trip, that definitely got us talking about driving back there soon to try one of those restaurants! Anyway, when we reached our destination: Chartreuse & Co., we just fell in love. An antique store inside an old barn? It seriously can’t get any better than that! Jof and I have been to quite a few antique stores in the area and this place is one of the bigger ones, and has easily become one of our favorites. There’s really nothing else to say. We walked around, found a couple things we needed AND found two choices for a coffee table! At the end of the day, we ended up with a vintage light teal coffee table in tow! It wasn’t the one we planned on getting, but we love it! My husband always has his camera with him so naturally, we have a few photos I can share.


Photos by my Joffoto

2 thoughts on “vintage bliss

  1. My dearest cousin/niece (?), hahaha. I love your blog! You should have told me earlier about it. Just read the most recent posts as there’s a bit more to read. Anyway, hurray for your blog and keep writing!

    Ate Yeyen♥️


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