Mother’s Day in the big city

My boys treated me to a lovely Mother’s Day weekend in New York City again this year. Not sure if Jof is trying to make this a Mother’s Day tradition but I’m not complaining! New York, well, Manhattan, specifically, holds a special place in my heart. Back when Jof and I were still dating, Manhattan was our go-to place for shopping and weekend getaways. That was then. We’re done with the shopping part… I think? Haha! Nowadays, we’re more into eating at every corner of Manhattan and getting our picnic on at Central Park. And our Alex loves it! He’s fallen in love with FAO Schwarz-less Manhattan, that when we were about to leave he asked if we could stay one more day because New York was “a thousand times very fun!” That’s always the case though. We never have enough time for all the things we want to do while in the big city. We want to go here and here, and eat here and there, get photos here and there and the list just goes on and on and on. And on. LOL. Even though that list gets longer every time, Central Park is always a priority. Our best picnic memories happened at Central Park and we want to keep makin’ more. Most of the photos I’ll be sharing were taken from the park (where we actually had time to just sit and smell the flowers).

Being mommy to my Alex gives me the best and most wondrous feeling in the world! I swear every day, I am thankful Jof chose me to be his forever, eventually leading to God giving us the greatest gift of being parents to our Alex. It makes me emotional every time I think so deeply about it. And believe me it’s very hard not to think so deeply about it when I get “I love you, mom” and “mommy , you’re the best” every five minutes! He is the sweetest boy and I love him more than anything in the world!


Photos by my Joffoto

xo, riza

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