dear 2015,

You were a good one. You started and gave us a cold and snowy winter which my Alex enjoyed so much! I can’t even start to explain how much he loves the snow! We didn’t exactly enjoy driving in the snow, but you know what I mean. You went on to introduce a pleasant spring weather that had us driving to New York for a surprise mother’s day trip c/o my boys. You gave my husband lots of ideas to keep his photography business growing. You showed us more parts of Washington D.C. we never knew existed. We fell in love with those places (and restaurants) and now we can’t get enough of them. You gave us time to head to Virginia Beach in the summer to have Alex enjoy the sand and water, not to mention all the ‘Chicken Joy’ we could digest. Because of how you just kept going and our family photo albums kept piling up, you encouraged me to start this blog. And I scaled a fish! Whaaatt?! You are super! You also gave me and Jof a nice break for our birthdays when you allowed us to fly down to Florida and delight in family time. We were able to experience some of the most memorable times we’ve had as a family while down there. We had the most wonderful time that we are really considering moving down south. Just the thought of it is really exciting! That place seemed like a really good fit for us. We didn’t want to leave. But anyway, we’ll keep that on pending. Then, came fall, you kept my husband pretty busy with weddings, engagement and family photo shoots. He really loves doing photography, so just keep ’em coming! On a side note, I just want to express how proud I am of him; he’s been working so hard and it shows in his work. Also, in the fall, my Alex turned five, but before he did, you gave him an awesome year being a four year old. He had a fun soccer season and brought in an interest in Taekwondo. Also, he got the part of Joseph in his preschool Epiphany play! I couldn’t be more proud! And before another winter season started, you gave us the chance to cut our Christmas tree for the first time in warm, sunny weather. In December. I think you really wanted to be remembered as one of a kind when you had us wishing for a white Christmas, but then you bestowed upon us a rainy 70 degree weather the day of. You had us watching the rain fall while eating ice cream on the patio. Now, that was bizarre. Hey 2015, thank you for being an amazing year of family!



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