blizzard ’16

So this post is waaay overdue. I really wanted to get this published that weekend and share photos already but then Jof and I got busy with redecorating our walls and then Alex had a lineup of activities, and finally, the last minute trip to the Philippines. Life just happened. Anyway, back to our snowy weekend – I can definitely say that that was one of the best weekends we’ve had. The snowfall was just so beautiful to watch! And yes, we were stuck at home but we did a lot of fun stuff AND we played in the snow a number of times (my Alex has been asking for a snow day since the summer!). We even tried to build a snowman but that was a fail! Haha! We knew it was time to get back inside every time Alex would start talking about how “a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows would sound so good right now.” So cute! When we were not watching Ant-Man (and we watched that movie six times that weekend, good grief), we read books, we studied math, we played with Legos, Hungry Hungry Hippos, even hide and go seek! We also kept our little kitchen pretty busy. I swear I cooked each meal that weekend and that never happens! I’m not usually the cook in the house but all that grocery shopping before the blizzard got me all excited, hah! And naturally, my cooking wasn’t perfect but I know I got an A for effort! Right babes? (He said yes!)

When the blizzard passed, reality came back knocking on the door when we knew it was time to get those snow shovels out. We did some digging but we had a lot of help from our neighbors. Honestly, I think we spent more time playing with Alex in the snow than digging out our cars. And I’m so not complaining! The plow trucks came a day late in our neighborhood – which got us a little upset but looking back at it now, I guess we were lucky because other communities didn’t get any plowers until later in the week! I can only imagine the frustration. Clearing out the roads is a lot of work, so I am thankful to all the bobcats who were out day and night making sure morning commute wouldn’t be so bad.


One of Alex’s activities that he really wanted pictures taken of was recycling his broken crayons to fun-shaped creations. We’ve had these dinosaur silicone molds for a while but just haven’t figured out what to use them for. I got the idea from a friend and when I told Alex about it he was so excited! He was so good hunting all of his broken crayons. We cut them into little pieces so they fit the mold. Then Alex decided he wanted his dinosaur crayons in crazy colors so he mixed different colors in each dinosaur mold. When he was done with that part, we put them in the oven for 20 minutes at 250. Piece of cake! Cooling them wasn’t a problem either… since it was still freezing outside, Jof set them out on the patio for a couple hours. Super easy and super fun!



I love him so, so much!

Photos by my Joffoto


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