oceanfront surprise

My husband has been on my case (in a good way) for the past three weeks trying to get me to share our Easter weekend photos on the blog so he can finally file them away (not to mention I also have photos from our day at the Library of Congress sitting pretty waiting to be uploaded, haha). I mean, he means well but at the same time, he also knows that most days (especially on weekdays), I’m just a busy working mommy bee and there’s just no way to get me to sit down and work on the laptop. And that really is something I have to work on, I know. To think about it, sending friends and family photos of Alex by text or email does take time anyway, so might as well use that time to get all photos uploaded on the blog and share them that way – that was the reason for setting up a blog in the first place. 🙂

So initially, Jof and I planned an Easter weekend in New York City to see good friends and get a little shopping done, but we thought about the still-cold weather at the time and all the walking around… It just won’t work for us. And as we went back and forth deciding between New York and Virginia Beach (we really couldn’t decide), we finally asked our Alex to take his pick. He chose to go to the beach and that’s where we went. As usual, we didn’t have a plan. We got an oceanfront hotel room per Alex’s request. When we went out to the boardwalk on our way for a nice walk in the sand, we saw people riding horses on the beach!!! WHAAAAT?? And it was right in front of our hotel! What a great surprise! We had no idea there was such a thing! I’ve always wanted to ride a horse (and believe me I’ve tried to before but I would always chicken out). There was just something about horseback riding on the beach that was pretty special. So there were no second thoughts here! And oh my! We had SO MUCH FUN! That was such a great family activity and the nicest guys from Virginia Beach Horseback were very helpful with getting me comfortable with our horse, and even took the time to take our family photos! So we did that for half an hour and then couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards! Haha! Before it got dark, we headed to Captain George’s – there is no trip to VAB without dining at Captain George’s. That’s a given. After dinner (yes, Jof and I inhaled all the seafood our bodies could take in, and Alex his pasta), we went back to the hotel and watched movies until our eyes closed. Well that was Saturday. On Sunday, it rained all day in Virginia Beach but that didn’t stop us. We went to church, had lunch and we went back to the oceanfront. Luckily, we keep our Hunters in the car, so we were not worried at all about the rain – plus, I’m always thankful whenever I get to wear boots vs. heels! We took some family photos, then had Alex run around the boardwalk. He loves jumping in puddles so in THAT moment, Jof and I were “the best parents ever!” according to him! Haha! I love him so much!!! So even though Virginia Beach turned out to be gloomy the whole time we were there, we still had the family fun we always crave for. Here are some of my faves:


Photos by my Joffoto


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