oh, Christmas tree

It is Christmas day and I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight but my boys have gone to bed, chores are done and I’ve seen the Hallmark movie that’s on right now (haha!), so I have a little me-time before I crash. So, our Christmas tree this year is pretty special. It’s the first time we cut our tree and we had so much fun doing it – from having breakfast with Santa, to making the spontaneous decision, driving out to the beautiful countryside, sipping on fresh cider, running around the tree farm, picking out the perfect tree, to cutting it down and having the husband haul it back to our car. I believe we just started a new family tradition. New experiences are a big deal to me and Jof. We always look for new things to do that eventually become hobbies and traditions. We want Alex to have childhood memories he’ll love sharing when he grows up. And so far, I think we’ve been pretty successful in filling the memory box. We definitely enjoy the perks of living in a small town. But back to our Christmas tree! My husband has blogged some photos already and I don’t mean to start a blog war with him but I still have a lot of Christmas spirit left in me that needs to come out! Sorry, babe! Haha! Okay, so at the end of the day, we ended up with a 7 foot blue spruce and it is perfect. We really didn’t check out other kinds of trees, we were just drawn to the blue spruce’s pretty grey green colors. They are indeed beautiful but their needles are brutal! They are sharp and they hurt, but obviously that didn’t stop us. There’s nothing tough gloves couldn’t handle! We most certainly enjoyed hanging lights and ornaments, but that’s a whole different blog post. I thought of sharing photos from our Christmas morning with this one, but then that would mean lots and lots of pictures! So I’ll give it a couple days!


Ahhh… these photos are so special to me! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! xo

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