So about me. My name is Riza and I have been married to my best friend and the love of my life, Jof, for five lovely years. We are parents to our mini Jof who goes by Alex – we are so in love with him! We live in Northern Virginia where it’s close to the beautiful countryside and only a short drive to Washington D.C. We love little outdoor adventures in the country and we love to picnic! Since my husband does photography, taking photos is a basic part of our routine. We love photos! And now that Jof and I do not have Facebook (he only kept his business account), I am starting this blog so I can share more of our favorite photos to our family and friends around. Although I know I can go crazy and post about all the hundreds of photos we have, I’ll try not to go there. And this being my first ever ‘public’ account of anything, I am hopeful I do not get people trying to copy my family photos for any reason without my consent. Love!

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