Last week, we went on our yearly long weekend getaway with my family to Virginia Beach. Alex had been counting sleeps until we left! He loves to play in the sand so this is one thing he really looks forward to during the summer. Here are some of our faves!JFT_0975-MEJFT_0992-MEJFT_1007-MEHe is perfect!JFT_1067

After we took afternoon naps (which was so nice!), we walked to the fun park, Alex in his scooter, and just enjoyed being a family.JFT_1529JFT_1074-ME-MEJFT_1116JFT_1087

I have to thank my husband for all these photos! Me and Alex are super lucky we have such a cool man in our lives, not to mention our very own personal photographer. We love you so much, daddy!

Overall, it was a fun trip! It’s always nice to just go away sometimes. We were not able to do everything we planned, but that always seems to be the case. The most important thing was that we got a “This is our most fun trip to the beach so far!” from our little man. And that was more than enough. xo