dc in film

I believe I have quite a bit of catching up to do here. Our weekends have been hectic to say the least, as we try to do as much before winter comes. Jof and I have a lot of albums lined up we can’t wait to share, which is a problem because I seriously do not know where to start. But before I go crazy with our vacation photos from Florida, I think I’ll start with the local stuff. Below are my faves from my husband’s rolls of film. He’s been playing around with his film cameras, so naturally, me and Alex are his main subjects at the moment. No edits!


Georgetown always makes for a lovely family walk (and shopping, hah).


Baby love and macarons. He is always so sweet! I love him!


Now this… this is a great action shot! Good job, baby. We love stopping for DC street music and dancing. So much talent around!

99550008Walking around Chinatown before dinner.9955001499550018

So, while we were enjoying dinner out on patio seating, flock of birds were flying to this one tree across the street from the restaurant, literally in the middle of the city. This went on for about 15 minutes and of course, everyone had their phones and cameras out. We couldn’t miss it, either.

99550023Ugh! I love that smile so, so much.9955002899550031

Ending this post welcoming mine and Jof’s favorite season, autumn.

Photos by Joffoto

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