back at the farm!

Last Sunday, while we were on our way out to the country so Jof and I could do some wine tasting and Alex enjoy a pony ride, I happen to ask Alex if there was anything else he had in mind that he wanted to do. He replied, “You know what we keep forgetting to do mom? Dig potatoes!” And he was right. I have been telling him for the past couple weekends that I was going to let him dig potatoes at the farm. So instead of heading to the winery, we took a little turn. While he was on the roll of reminding me and Jof things we’ve forgotten, he also reminded us that we needed peaches because “we ate all of them for breakfast” that morning! Times like these make Jof and I feel really old! But we are very glad we have our son to remind us of things we forget. We are very proud.


Forks and shovels ready to go!


His first find! He was so excited! “I want to find more, mom and dad!”


Dig-Your-Own-Potatoes was a great father and son activity. It didn’t help that I was wearing a dress so I was mainly on camera duty while my boys were digging away.


That fork was heavy but he really wanted to hold it, so daddy had to teach him how. He was so proud of being able to dig a little bit of dirt that would expose baby potatoes! So cute!


Here’s a closer photo that shows all the hard work and sweat. That’s my boy!


Digging potatoes was tons of fun! It was a good excuse to get our hands and feet dirty, and just a great family experience we would do again any day.


Potatoes we dug out! Some of them eventually became French fries later that night!


After our fun in the dirt, we went to the peach orchard to pick peaches – another family activity we really enjoy. This is the second time we’re out to pick peaches this summer so Alex knew his way around the orchard.


Also, it’s just a great place for him to run around. If he’s not trying to reach a peach, he’s running around chasing bugs. You know, being a boy.



While at it, we also picked vegetables, berries and sweet corn. It’s like grocery shopping but waaay better. I truly believe we lived in the country and/or possibly farmers in the past life. Picking fruits and vegetables, driving out to the countryside, these little things make us really happy. They also make our fridge really full, haha!


And a plus: pick summer blooms for free! Always a treat!

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