This summer has been really good so far – weather-wise it hasn’t been that bad (not like two summers ago), this year’s family trip to VAB was one for the books, and Alex is starting to really have childhood memories. I see him grow everyday and he just never ceases to amaze me. Jof and I try to get him out as much as we can during the weekends before it gets cold again and one thing we love to do is explore farmers’ markets around the area. We love local farm fresh produce! My husband is almost vegetarian so we can’t run out of fruits and vegetables. Ever. I have to admit though, Alex is a picky eater – he is not really fond of vegetables. Even so, we keep it a habit of introducing the veggies we eat and try to have him understand their health benefits. At one point we did try to pressure him to eat vegetables; pfft, it never worked. But the more he saw us eat greens, he’s been open to tasting them even with just a couple bites. Baby steps! So our weekend trips to farmers’ markets have truly been beneficial – to our health, our picky eater, and of course, our local farmers. Okay so last weekend, before we headed to Farmer John’s Market, we had to satisfy our sugar cravings, so first stop, ice cream! Some photos! JFT_1922 aaaaahh those pudgy little fingers!JFT_1916

We love Rocky Point Creamery! This has become our favorite go-to ice cream place after one of our friends brought us here two summers ago. They use fresh cow’s milk from their farm to make some really good ice cream. Pretty sweet!

JFT_1910 JFT_1958 JFT_1971I have to say this has become one of my favorite photos of my boys. They are my happiness. JFT_1955 JFT_2057 JFT_2074 JFT_2105

After mentioning above that my Alex isn’t a fan of vegetables, I feel like I have to share the story behind it. Before he turned one, he would eat anything! All kinds of vegetables! He would even snack on a raw tomato anytime! All that changed after a week long vacation we went on. When he was about 13 months old, we went on a road trip down to Orlando, FL and that basically changed his diet. I guess we didn’t eat enough vegetables during the trip that when we were back to our routine after we got home, he wouldn’t even try to bite on a slice of tomato anymore. But momma believes he’s getting back on track now, slowly but surely. So anyway, here are some fun photos from Farmer John’s Fruit and Vegetable Market in Leesburg.


He loves riding and pulling that yellow wagon! #childhoodmemory!

JFT_2114 JFT_2123 JFT_2129 JFT_2145 JFT_2152

Colorful honey sticks!


This is always a fun experience for us. We’re already looking forward to next time!

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