orlando in film

On September 13th, my husband’s birthday (the day after my birthday), we spent the whole day exploring Orlando. Well, it rained cats and dogs in the morning, but that didn’t stop us from leaving our hotel. We had a lovely lunch at a local Asian restaurant to make sure our little one gets to eat a complete meal being the picky eater that he is. After that, we did a little shopping at the mall then headed off to the famous Lee and Rick’s Oyster Bar. Me and Jof, we love anything seafood! We had been dreaming of this place days before we flew into town, so you can imagine our excitement when we entered the restaurant. This place did not disappoint! We learned from a local who sat beside us at the bar that Lee and Rick’s is basically an “institution” in the area. I mean, rightfully so, they’ve been there since 1950! How we wish we lived closer! Below are our favorite film photos that Sunday, shot mostly by Joffoto.


The clear after the rain. What a beautiful view!


If it were up to him, he probably would’ve stayed out and just sat there on that boat.


The cool scene outside Lee and Rick’s Oyster Bar.

215170010007Um, vintage menus!215170010011

The birthday boy’s view: a big ol’ bucket of fresh oysters, crackers and a beer.


Since we’ve never tried steamed oysters before, we thought we’d try it while we were there. So you dip the steamed oyster in warm butter, place it on top of a cracker and that was it – another new fave. #icanteven


We sat at the bar, watched our very friendly shucker shuck the oysters in front of us, we drank beer and sweet tea, and we just really took our time.


Of course, our Starbucks Birthday Rewards! One of our birthday traditions.

215170010004Happy mama.215170010034

Happy baby. I mean, it can’t get any better than that. It was the best way to start our family vacation! After Lee and Rick’s, we walked around Downtown Disney and ended the night there. But that’s another fun story.

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