magic kingdom

Exactly one month ago, we spent a whole day at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This visit was our third. Our first time in Disney World was about four years ago, Alex was only 10 months old. Jof and I celebrated our birthdays there, as well as our goddaughter’s 1st birthday. We had so much fun that time that we went back only three months later. Alex was already a year old at the time and we knew he wasn’t going to remember that family vacation, but still, we figured it would be a really nice family road trip down to Florida that winter and a very special way of welcoming 2012. Anyway, Jof and I have been showing Alex photos from those times we went when he was still a baby, so he’s asked us a number of times to take him back. This was the perfect timing. Initially, we planned for a lazy beach vacation in the gulf coast, but since we were heading down to Florida anyway, we thought why not spend a couple days in Orlando? And so we did. I seriously have no idea how I was able to pick only the following photos from hundreds that we took, but I just love these. I love all hundreds of them! They’re a mix of digital and film photos of my Joffoto.


Hubby doing what he does best. A few people actually thought he was one of the official photographers since we took our time taking pictures. Hah!


Alex was still very excited about his white belt at the time, so he was showing off his kicks in front of everyone! I love him!


This one. This happens to be my favorite from our Disney film rolls. We were just super happy!

JFT_3922Parade time!JFT_4059JFT_4085JFT_4124JFT_4164

My heart! He was overjoyed when he saw Mickey and Minnie!


Prince Charming’s carousel – definitely one of our favorites.


We love to picnic, so we carry our picnic blanket everywhere. Yes, even in Florida. After a lot of standing in line and a few rides, we needed a little break. So we found this cool spot by the water, had a shade, had a nice breeze and a wonderful view; perfect place for a power nap.

JFT_4246My love.JFT_4293

My boys. We played with lights and bubbles while waiting for the fireworks – which was magical, as always.


We waited in line for an hour to meet Mickey Mouse and it was well worth it. Alex was so excited he got to have a conversation with him! They talked about pirates and ‘The Enchanted Tiki Room!’ #CHILDHOODMEMORY


What a wonderful experience that was for our little man! It made me and Jof really happy having seen Alex’s facial expressions of joy and excitement that day. Jof and I made it a point to have him choose which rides he wanted to go on and what he wanted to see. And we just really took our time walking around. I’ve said it a lot of times already – I think it’s safe to say that our most recent Florida trip was the best family vacation we’ve had so far. And I’m not even done blogging photos. Next up: beach pics!

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