apples, pumpkins & things

It’s apple-picking season and we weren’t going to miss it this year, so we planned a whole day out in the country to do just that. Since we went a little late this year (we went in August last year), it was just easier to pick apples and pumpkins on the same trip. Alex enjoys picking fresh fruits, so he was really looking forward to this one. It was raining a lot the week before we went, but fortunately, the ground was all dried up and the weather was perfect, with clear skies, the Sunday we went. My Joffoto took a lot of cute photos of our boy and with the help of his most useful tripod, we have some cute family photos as well.


What a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains! One big reason why it’s so hard to leave Northern Virginia.

JFT_7500JFT_7450And the picking begins…JFT_7458

I just love how he makes every activity so much fun for all three of us.

JFT_7487“You can reach it, Alex!JFT_7448JFT_7492JFT_7307

After walking around the apple orchard, we set out our blanket for a little family picnic. Funny family conversations and that amazing view right in front of us were the highlights that day.


We stacked apples before we packed up. Just because, haha!


Family, fall, fun, apples, boots and that vintage sassy plaid blanket.


My husband and his camera. I still believe he loves me more.

JFT_7401JFT_7418“I can help you, mom!” Thank you, my love.JFT_7415JFT_7360

When my husband tells me to “Stand right there, babe.”, this happens.

JFT_7509Pumpkin number 1…JFT_7511

He really did carry that heavy thing around.


He took a little breather after all that heavy lifting. My big, strong boy.


As if two pumpkins were not enough, he had to get a third one.


Our photographer and his jump shot. I think I did pretty good!


And another one! Because it looks just as cool as the one above.


“What daddy does, I can do, too.” kinda mindset. He’s cute.

– – – – – –


I am a lucky mama and a lucky wife; my two Jofs make me the happiest. Sure, our life isn’t perfect, but we make the best of what we have. Jof and I, we both grew up living a simple family life, and we still do. And with that in mind, we started to instill our own family values to our little boy. With simple family living, quality family time is very, very essential. So, may it be in our little home or outdoors, togetherness is our priority; it’s what makes us happy. Bottom line is, just being a family makes us happy. Simple as that. 🙂

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